Pricing is as important to us as it is to you, we want to exceed to your expectations.  Due to our home based operation overheads are lower, tightly controlled and we pass these savings directly onto you, our valued customer. You will find our prices extremely competitive and our product is of the highest standard.

STUFFED BALLOONS - Stuffed Balloons come in all prices depending on what is inside 🙂  The following are some examples of our very best sellers :-

  • Balloon Gift wrapping service from £12 , We will gift wrap your goodies for you in a balloon, very popular service for Xmas, we will gift wrap alcohol if provided by customer but we cannot provide it ourselves.
  • Baby Blooms - We have a huge range of  gorgeous baby products to make the perfect baby bundle for you to cover all budgets.
  • Choccy Blooms - Choccy blooms contain large box of choccies inside and a themed 18 inch foil on top ?.
    BALLOON BLOOMS - Our heritage Balloon Blooms come in three unique designs available in any colour of the rainbow:-

    • Balloon Bloom (blooms in balloon vase) £15  - standing 2.5 feet tall !!!
    • Florist Vase (blooms in a pretty florist vase) from £12.
    • Bouquets - start from £6 for 3 blooms up to £15 for our giant bouquet ( 15 blooms).

    BALLOON MODELLING - I love balloon modelling at children's parties and make all sorts of goodies such as flowers, tiara's, swords, princesses, dinosaurs and lots more. Cost is £70 per hour and I always bring lots of extra pumps so children (and adults) can have a go too. ?

    EVENT DECOR - (helium and non helium).
    Huge and expanding area for BB (check out "events" I my gallery), BB is currently participating in many balloon courses and part of the Qualatex Balloon Network to ensure we are up to date with latest products, news and designs to ensure we keep ahead of our competition.  We use the highest quality "Qualatex" balloons both foil and latex. ?.

    Few example prices :-
    3 x Helium balloons on a weight from £5.50
    5 x Helium balloons on a weight from £8.50
    7 x Helium balloons on a weight £12
    3 x Tiara balloons £8 (smaller balloon on base of balloon)

    1 x Foil balloon on a weight £3.50
    3 x Foil balloon on a weight £10
    5 x Foil balloon on a weight £15

    Single personalised foil with vinyl lettering £5

    3 x Double bubble £12 (11 inch balloon with 9 inch inner)
    1 X Double bubble plus 2 latex £8
    (add £2 for every double bubble added to display)

    3 x Double bubble £15 (16 inch balloon with 11 inch inner), includes a collar of 4 smaller balloons at neck
    1 X Double bubble plus 2 latex £9

    1 foil & 2 latex £8 (popular), 2 foil & 3 latex £12
    3 foot balloons - from £30

    Foil numbers

    Giant Single Foil number (34 inches) £9 each
    Single number large foil display from £15
    Double number large foil display from £25
    *personalisation of numbers with vinyl £3

    Deco Bubbles (plastic clear round balloons)
    Large Bubble Balloons - from £15 for 20 inch & £20 for 24 inch
    Price increases with adding personalisation, feathers, confetti etc

    Arches, available :-
    Linking arch
    Cake arch (string of pearls)
    Spiral arch
    Please quote width and height of Arch when ordering so price can be calculated

    Centrepieces are all bespoke and vary in price so if you see something you like please drop me a line ad I will get back to you with all the details. For example, the bride and groom models (the pair) start at £25 for table top display to £70 for the tall 5ft design.

    Party Cups.
    Made to the theme of your choice and filled with wrapped sweets using quality GSL Smoothie cups £3.50 each.